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To access the enigmatic dark web, most individuals use the Tor browser. Unreachable services are hosted on onion links. However, the Tor browser allows you to access these services while remaining anonymous. The dark web is commonly associated with criminal activities. Drugs, guns, and phony passports are all sold in “dark markets” throughout the world. There is some truth that these reports are generally overblown, inaccurate, and exaggerated.

The good and sometimes unexpected healthy things on the dark web are seldom highlighted. This page is devoted to revealing the dark web’s other side. There the latest dark websites are given below, which you may check out.

Visit Dark Web Links With Caution

If you use the dark web, you should be cautious. The uncontrolled dark web increases the danger of malware infestations and fraudsters stealing your data. Install antivirus software and always use a VPN. It protects and encrypts all internet traffic. It preserves your online privacy and defends against some cybercrimes.

As a way to start, you could try Surfshark. Surfshark is a service that protects your internet data with a lot of encryption for just a few dollars a month. This makes it much more difficult for other people to get their hands on your data. Plus, when you use Surfshark, your IP address will be hidden. This way, governments, internet service providers, and hackers can’t see where you go online. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it risk-free. Once you have Surfshark, you’ll be able to look at dark web links in a much safer way.

First Segment – Pick Onion Links to Dark Web Search Engines

Although the dark web lacks search engines like Google, it may be navigated using search engines and directories if you know where to look. Several of the resources listed below may be helpful. Remember that these onion URLs only function in the Tor Browser.

  • Hidden Wiki

The Hidden Wiki is a dark web version of Wikipedia with connections to other dark websites. As you may have noticed, many onion connections on this page are made up of random numbers and characters. This makes it tough to discover a website. You may save time by using the Hidden Wiki. They also give intriguing pages on a variety of themes.

But watch out. Because the Hidden Wiki indexes more than only legal websites, be careful what you click on. There are several “Hidden Wiki” sites online. The Hidden Wiki was attacked by the FBI and Anonymous for hosting or indexing pedophile websites. Many Hidden Wiki clones and spin-offs have been established. Be prepared to find various versions of “The Official” or “Uncensored” Hidden Wiki. But keep clear from these clones. Most Hidden Wiki sites now include connections to undesirable portions of the dark web. The simplest approach to cope with this is to stick to the safe categories.

Link to the Hidden Wiki: Access the Hidden Wiki

  • DuckDuckGo

It is a search engine that may also be found on the internet’s surface. Unlike others it does not collect or disclose any of your personal data. If you wish to be more anonymous on the internet, this search engine is great.

It is suitable for usage on the dark web since it displays onion links. The majority of traditional surface search engines do not index.onion webpages. As a result, a standard search engine will not take you anywhere on the dark web; however, DuckDuckGo will.

Open link to DuckDuckGo: https://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/

  • SearX

Searx is another search engine that works on both the public and private internet. The benefit of SearX is that you can be quite specific with your search queries. You may search for documents, photographs, maps, music, news, science, social media postings, and videos, among other types of content. As a result, if you’re searching for anything really specific, SearX is suitable for you.

Link to SearX: http://ulrn6sryqaifefld.onion/

  • Daniel

Daniel is a wonderful resource for assisting you in navigating the dark web and the Tor browser in general. Daniel’s website has 7000 onion links that have been organized to facilitate surfing. Additionally, it has a very important built-in feature that indicates if a given website is online. This is quite handy since it eliminates the need to click and load each dark web link mentioned to see whether they function. This is an excellent feature, even more so given the Tor browser’s potentially lengthy loading times.

Link to Daniel:


Second Segment – Living in the Dark Web

The dark web has many surprises like Facebook and so on. While we don’t suggest using Facebook for online security, it’s remarkable how popular it is on the dark web. Many news channels and platforms are available on the dark web, as well as platforms for anonymous sharing of information. Finally, many other sorts of sites seen on the surface web are also found on the dark web, such as Bitcoin, Q&A, analytics.

  • Facebook

A copy of Facebook is on this site, but it doesn’t work. By setting up a Facebook account on the dark web, you can try to do so without anyone knowing. As we all know, Facebook likes to collect as much data as it can. However, this takes a lot of work because Facebook likes to collect as much data as it can.

Even more important, this mirror version of the social network is a way to get around government restrictions. Some governments censor social media or make it impossible for their people to use it. This is what they do to get rid of any kind of opposition. It’s possible to try to stay anonymous and speak freely if you use the dark web version of Facebook.


  • Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and others

Although Bitcoins have only lately gained widespread popularity among the broader public, they have been the dark web’s money for years. It’s unsurprising that the dark web is home to a plethora of bitcoin websites. You can maintain your cryptocurrencies on services like GreenAddress, as well as purchase and trade them. In addition, you may monitor the performance of your stocks to determine the optimal moment to purchase or sell.


  • BBC Tor Mirror

The BBC has made a special Tor mirror of its news site that can be found on the dark web. The goal is to let people who live anywhere in the world access the BBC website without having to worry about being tracked. In this case, the dark web version of the BBC News website is a global version. This means that it doesn’t mostly cover news in the United Kingdom. Instead, it covers news from all over the world.

Others have very strict rules about what people can do online and don’t let people see news from other countries. If you want to see an example of a news source that isn’t available in some countries, look at the BBC website. Not on the surface web. Here, Tor comes in.


  • Tor Metrics

More information on the Tor Project may be found on Tor Metrics. If you’re curious about privacy and how the Tor project works, this website will shed some light on the subject. Additionally, if you’re researching Tor and the hidden web for a school assignment, this website may provide statistical data. You can check how many individuals use the Tor browser and how many.onion websites there are, among other things. Tor user data may also provide insight into the amount of activity on the dark web, the number of hidden services, and the origins of the majority of dark web users.

Several amusing facts:

  1. Approximately 6% of Tor users use the browser to reach the dark web.
  2. The most frequent Tor users are from nations with tiny populations, like Germany and the Netherlands.
  3. Tor has been downloaded over half a million times in 2019.

Link:  http://rougmnvswfsmd4dq.onion/

  • ProPublica

People can read ProPublica’s news stories in both English and Spanish. There is a way for people who visit the website to stay anonymous if they choose to do so. People who research ProPublica can see their work on the surface web, but they can also see it on a site called the “dark web.” Those who live in oppressive regimes might find this useful. After all, ProPublica doesn’t shy away from controversial topics like child labor and corrupt politicians, which it doesn’t shy away from writing about.

Link: https://www.propub3r6espa33w.onion/

  • Hidden Answers

If you think of Reddit or Quora as being on the dark web, then Hidden Answers is like them. You can ask any question you want, without having to be careful about what you say. Other people in the community will try to help you. Look around on this platform, too. There may be conversations you don’t want to see in this part of the internet.

People who are new to the dark web can also ask questions here. It is a better idea if you have a specific question about the dark web. You can go to some subreddits to get help.

Link: http://answerstedhctbek.onion/

  • SecureDrop

Secure Drop serves as a meeting location for whistleblowers and journalists. The dark web is one of the only places where whistleblowers may post material without fear of being followed. Secure Drop is a .onion website dedicated to safeguarding the anonymity of whistleblowers and journalists worldwide. Whistleblowers often possess harmful knowledge about a corporation or government and attempt to communicate this information to the media. If they do so on the open web, they will very certainly be tracked down and, in some circumstances, prosecuted. Numerous prominent publications and news organizations recognized the value of anonymous whistleblowers on the dark web and established their own SecureDrop URL.

Check out Secure Drop’s onion site, but it doesn’t seem to be working. We tried this a lot, but it didn’t work. However, the three links below, which belong to specific news organizations’ Secure Drops, do work, as do the other links. Some examples that are worth notable:

Third Segment – Pick Onion Links to Dark Web Email Service

Beyond Outlook and Gmail, there are several more email service providers to choose from. They may also be found on the dark web in large numbers. Take a peek around at some of the incredible services that are available to you at no cost.

  • ProtonMail

ProtonMail is an encrypted email service that is made in Switzerland. It is one of the best email clients out there, and it is very safe. They use end-to-end encryption and don’t keep any records. In addition, you don’t have to give them your personal information if you want to set up an account. Keep in mind that ProtonMail also has a version that works on the surface of the web.

ProtonMail says that using Tor to get to ProtonMail has both security and freedom benefits. The most common and safest way to get on the dark web is to use Tor. The boundary of ProtonMail is that it makes it hard for outsiders to see the websites or email services you’re going to. Another thing to keep in mind is that if ProtonMail is blocked in your country of residence for some reason, Tor may be able to help you get around this block.

Link: https://protonirockerxow.onion/

  • Riseup

Riseup is a dark website that allows you to send and receive emails and chat safely. It makes sure that no records of communication are kept and that the platform is safe from malicious attacks and government interference so that no one can see what people say. The platform was made to help people and groups who work for liberatory social change communicate safely with each other.

To get into the platform, you need to know someone who already uses this site. For access purposes, you have to get an invitation code from someone else before you can make an account.  It is still possible to look at the Riseup security section without one. A lot of tips are available on how to make your information more secure in your daily life there.

Link: http://nzh3fv6jc6jskki3.onion/

  • SecMail

SecMail has become one of the most popular dark web email providers in the last few years, and it has a lot of users. Even though they only give each person 25 MB, this is usually more than enough for PGP-encrypted emails. But it is unlikely to be sufficient if you want to use it as your primary mail provider.

Link: http://secmailw453j7piv.onion/

  • ZeroBin

You can use ZeroBin to share information that you find on the Tor network with friends and other people you know. Technically it’s not an email service, but it’s a good way to do this safely. It’s a simple but effective way to send messages. You can paste text or images into a text field, then send them to your recipient.

Even ZeroBin servers don’t know what you copy and paste. This is a great thing about ZeroBin. When you use ZeroBin, your data is already encrypted in your browser. With a password, you can also keep your message safe and decide how long your message will last. If you want to keep your information safe and anonymous, this tool is a good choice.

Link: http://zerobinqmdqd236y.onion/

  • Mailpile

Mailpile is another email client that wants to keep your emails from other people. Emails are encrypted, and you can store your emails without having to share them in the cloud. This app does both of these things. Another great thing about it is that it’s free, open-source software. In this way, anyone can use it. Tech-savvy users can see security flaws before being used by hackers.

Link: http://clgs64523yi2bkhz.onion/

  • Mailpile

Mailpile is another email client that wants to keep your emails from other people. Emails are encrypted and you can store your emails without having to share them in the cloud. This app does both of these things. Another great thing about it is that it’s free open-source software. In this way, anyone can use it. Tech-savvy users can see security flaws before being used by hackers.

Link: http://clgs64523yi2bkhz.onion/

Fourth Segment – Various links to the Dark Web

Onion links that don’t fit into any of the three categories above will be included in this section.

  • Deep Web Radio

Looking for some music to complement your exploration of the dark web links in this article? You’ve come to the right place since the dark web has its digital radio station. With Deep Web Radio, you may listen to a variety of music streams over Tor. When we checked, we were able to choose from eleven distinct channels, each playing a different kind of music.

Link: http://76qugh5bey5gum7l.onion/

  • Comic Book Library

Are you into comics? On the Comic Book Library, you can download a lot of comic books. They range from very popular titles to very niche comics. Take care when you use the Comic Book Library to get comics.

Link: http://r6rfy5zlifbsiiym.onion/

  • Imperial Library

It’s like the Comic Book Library and has a lot of digital books. You can find a lot more than just comic books at the Imperial Library. You can find a lot of different things on it. During this time, there are more than 400,000 books in this library. Again, be careful not to infringe on copyrights.

Link: http://xfmro77i3lixucja.onion/

  • Tunnels

The last onion links we’ll talk about are very different from the other links on this list. Urban explorers who go into the tunnel systems of big American universities and write about their “adventures” are the subject of these sites. These tunnels are both dangerous and illegal to get into. People who are explorers probably put their blogs on the dark web instead of the surface web because they don’t want anyone to see them.

 Link: http://62gs2n5ydnyffzfy.onion/


Measures security to Protect Yourself

We don’t think it’s safe to go to the dark web, so we suggest taking the following steps to protect yourself and your computer.

  • The first thing you need to do is get good anti-virus software. To make sure your computer doesn’t get viruses or spyware, you need to install a good antivirus program. Useful even if you’re only looking at the surface of the web.
  • The second thing you need to do is find a good VPN, which we already said at the beginning of this post. Using a VPN, no one will be able to see that you’re going to the dark web. On top of that, hackers on the dark web won’t be able to track you back to your IP address. A lot of good VPN providers are Surfshark, ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and IPVanish, but some are not so good. When you use a virtual private network (VPN), all of your internet traffic is encrypted and your real IP address is hidden from other people.


Curiosity is a good thing, but keep in mind that it also killed a cat. While exploring the black web might be entertaining, it can also be perilous. Without realizing it, you might have clicked on a tainted link and infected your computer with malware. We don’t want you to go there if you don’t have a good reason to.

Check to make sure you have all the right security measures in place if you want to look around.


It sounds like the dark web is mysterious or even scary, but some of the .onion websites are just very normal. The surface web already has a lot of information, so there isn’t a good reason for typical internet users to visit them. But if you do want to look, you might want to go to one of the many websites above. They are mostly safe and harmless, but there’s always a chance that you’ll find something bad or unwanted when you’re on the dark web.

Be careful when you’re on the dark web because there is a lot of bad business going on. Don’t click on any links you don’t trust. Check these above links and other dark web links out with your common sense, then have a good time.

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