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PrimeWire, like Putlocker and Popcorn Time, is a popular free online streaming service for TV shows and movies. Thousands of movies and TV shows that you would normally have to pay for are now available for free on the site. The website was also called as LetMeWatchThis and 1Channel before being renamed PrimeWire.

We will look at the legality of the service as well as the hazards associated with utilizing PrimeWire in this article.

Is Using Primewire Illegal?

PrimeWire is not authorized in most circumstances, just like 123movies or Putlocker. Many individuals believe that streaming is legal since there is a distinction between streaming and downloading. Both types of piracy, however, are unlawful. The reason for this, even when a streaming video is removed from your device after viewing, you are still violating copyright rules by failing to compensate the producers. Furthermore, PrimeWire’s strategy is to serve as a hub for material that is broadcast from several sites on the deep web. The difficulty is that none of those sources are reliable. This implies that authorities may punish you for violating copyright law if it is restricted in your country.

Take a look at our article on the restrictions and sanctions involved in downloading for additional information on how governments combat illicit downloading.

Legalized Consequences to Primewire

You might face hefty fines if you are caught downloading or streaming a copyrighted movie or TV series. In Germany, for example, piracy fines can be as high as a thousand euros or more. In the United States, you might face a fine of hundreds of thousands of dollars or potentially five years in prison. Extreme penalties, such as the latter, are unlikely to occur frequently in practice, but it never hurts to be cautious. See the below for an overview of the situation in a variety of countries:

  • Piracy is legal for personal use: Switzerland, Poland, Spain
  • Pirating is illegal: United States, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, Australia, China, Finland
  • Pirating is illegal, but no ongoing action: Netherlands, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Uruguay, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Greece, India, Israel, Iran, Mexico, Philippines, Brazil, Canada, Argentina

Note that streaming and downloading copyrighted content is prohibited in most countries. Streaming is when you temporarily download something to see it right away. The downloaded content is gone as soon as you exit the stream. This does not negate the fact that it is just as unlawful to download and retain things on your computer. It shouldn’t matter if you don’t save copyrighted information on your device.

Security Ensuring of Primewire  and Safe Utilization of Primewire

Some nations, as shown in the chart above, do not aggressively pursue users of free streaming services such as Primewire. Other nation even permits personal piracy. This does not mean that PrimeWire is safe in those nations; it just means that you are unlikely to be penalized.

In addition, if you intend to utilize PrimeWire, we strongly urge you to use a VPN. A VPN masks your IP address and other data so that it is unidentifiable to third parties. Because a VPN encrypts all of your internet traffic, your computer will acquire the IP address of the VPN server to which you are connected. Essentially, you hide your footprints by claiming to be surfing the web from a different place than where you are. NordVPN is a highly user-friendly VPN that we suggest for inexperienced users.

Your greatest concern may not even be the possibility of prosecution for utilizing PrimeWire. Another plausible hazard is that viruses and other malware might conceivably infiltrate your machine with a single incorrect click. After all, PrimeWire does not employ genuine sources for its articles. In general, we recommend that you use strong anti-malware or anti-virus software, such as BitDefender. It will assist you to avoid downloading more than you bargained for.

Mirrors of Primewire

Aside from malware, you may be recognized by third parties via the website, which might lead to identity fraud. It is worse by the fact that the original PrimeWire no longer exists; there are just mirrors. Other domains that provide a copy of PrimeWire on a separate server are known as mirrors.

Describe accessibility of PrimeWire

If you are authorized to use PrimeWire in your country, always safeguard your device against all types of attacks before accessing a PrimeWire mirror. If you reside in a nation where PrimeWire is legal, keep safe by following a few precautions that individuals take to ensure they have the safest PrimeWire experience possible:

  • They begin with a good VPN service, such as NordVPN, and good antivirus software, such as Kaspersky.
  • Step 2 is to access PrimeWire itself by using a PrimeWire-mirror or by Googling for the term ‘PrimeWire Mirror’.
  • If they used Google to look for mirrors, they will be most likely have to go to a different site that lists the mirrors. Google does not always provide mirrors in its own search results.

We do not support the unlawful usage of sites like PrimeWire. We recommend that you check if access to PrimeWire is legal in your country and take appropriate action. Don’t use it if it’s unlawful.

Alternatives to PrimeWire that are legal

Even while a VPN and anti-virus software might help to make things safer, PrimeWire is not the best option for streaming. Unfortunately, there are no free or legal streaming services that can compete with Netflix or Amazon Prime. However, we can advise you on how to select a paid option. Popular streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and HBO Now all have their own catalogs, so your decision is determined by the material offered and the price you are willing to pay. Streaming services like Hulu and YouTube TV are primarily focused on network television programming, with some on-demand material thrown in for good measure. Sling TV is a popular service in the United States that allows you to stream network TV to any device of your choice. Most of them can be accessed from anywhere on the globe, but a VPN allows you to watch Hulu from any place. To recap, determining which streaming service is ideal for you will necessitate some investigation. The price of membership and the offered material are the most important aspects to consider while making your decision.

If you don’t want to waste time researching, check out our top recommendations below. Keep in mind that all sites need registration in order to be accessed.

  • Netflix – an excellent option for everyone

Now Netflix dominates the streaming industry with a large range of series and movies, and new titles are added to the site on a monthly basis. Netflix is also available on almost every device, and it has an amazing recommendations system that helps you discover new shows to watch. Netflix, on the other hand, has various regional limits, which is one of its most major drawbacks.


  • It contains a massive library.
  • Navigation is simple and intuitive.
  • A good algorithm for making recommendations.
  • There are several subscription types available.


  • Starting price is rather high.
  • Shows and films frequently come and depart.
  • Follow regional restrictions.
  • It might be difficult to find movies that aren’t recommended.

Pricing: Starting at $8.99 per month

  • Amazon Prime Video — Excellent for Amazon-created content.

While Amazon Prime Video begins at the same price as Netflix, higher levels are somewhat less expensive. Having said that, it is hardly the finest streaming site on the internet. Its UI is backdated, and its catalog isn’t as large as Netflix’s. For those who already have an Amazon Prime subscription, Prime Video is the best option.


  • It’s a little less expensive than Netflix.
  • Amazon Prime subscription includes this service.
  • A good collection of films and television series are available.
  • High-quality originals.


  • Not all platforms are supported.
  • The UI is not the finest.
  • The expense of more channels or content is higher.

Pricing: Starting at $8.99 per month

  • Disney+ – Entertainment for the entire family

Disney+ does not have a large catalog of movies and television series. Rather, it solely includes Disney material, such as Pixar films, Star Wars, the MCU, or classic Disney cartoons. Fortunately, Disney+ is also available on a variety of devices, making it an excellent alternative for anybody looking to enjoy Disney content.


  • Collection of great Disney content.
  • It is less expensive than its rivals.
  • It’s available on a variety of platforms.


  • In comparison to its competitors, it has a smaller library.
  • It’s not quite accessible in all countries.

Pricing: Starting at $6.99 per month

  • HBO Max – The collection of HBO entertainment

It has had several streaming systems throughout the years, including HBO Now and HBO Go. It’s content was also available on other platforms. This is the first streaming service to bring all of these shows together in one place. The ideal PrimeWire option if you want to binge classics like Game of Thrones or The Sopranos. But unfortunately somewhat pricey, and it is not accessible outside of the United States, so it may not be the ideal option for everyone.


  • It has an impressive library of HBO content.
  • It contains great originals.


  • Expenses are higher than on other streaming platforms.
  • Only in the United States is it available.
  • Roku and Fire TV Stick are not compatible.

Pricing: Starting at $9.99 per month

  • Hulu – A great alternative to cable television.

If you want the experience of cable TV on your laptop or mobile screen, Hulu is a terrific option. Their Live TV streaming subscription packages include access to over 60 sports, entertainment, and news channels. If that’s not your thing, Hulu also offers on-demand video streaming. However, it ranks lower on our ranking since cheaper membership tiers continue to display advertisements.


  • On-demand streaming at a low cost.
  • Streaming live TV is the most beneficial option.


  • It hasn’t the largest library comparing other platforms.
  • Live TV streaming is costly.
  • Ads are frequently displayed on lower subscription rates.

Pricing: Starting at $5.99 per month(VOD streaming)

              Starting at $54.99 per month(Live TV streaming)

  • YouTube TV – Online cable with DVR

YouTube, like Netflix, is self-explanatory. It’s the internet’s largest video archive, a cultural phenomenon in and of itself. But we’re not talking about YouTube in general; rather, we’re talking about YouTube TV, the company’s live television offering. It’s a service that allows you to watch a variety of news and entertainment channels, although it’s not as popular as Hulu. YouTube TV is currently only available in the United States. When you combine that with a very costly monthly fee, you’re left with a nice situational choice rather than a completely fledged PrimeWire alternative.


  • It has an excellent user interface
  • DVR storage on the cloud is limitless.
  • A large network variety is available.


  • Availability limitations outside the US.
  • Subscription levels are expensive.

Pricing: Starting at $64.99 per month(Live TV streaming)

  • Sling TV — Low-Cost Live TV Streaming

Sling TV provides live programming, which is ideal for anybody looking to cut the cord. It is significantly less expensive than the other live TV options on the list. Unfortunately, this also implies that the accessible channels aren’t as diverse or popular. Still, for those looking for a live TV alternative to PrimeWire, Sling TV makes the cut at a very reasonable price.


  • It’s way cheaper than competitors’ live TV.
  • A good selection of channels.


  • Availability limitations outside the US.
  • The collection isn’t as extensive as live TV options.
  • There is no original content.

Pricing: Starting at $30 per month(Live TV streaming)

Putting money aside

Furthermore, while picking a streaming service, there are several ways to save money. Using a VPN server in a country where subscriptions are less expensive, for example, is a cost-effective approach to reduce your monthly bill. If a certain deal is only available in the United Kingdom, but you live in the United States, you can connect to a British server and pay the discounted rate.


PrimeWire is one of several free streaming sites that operate illegally. As a result, we recommend that you utilize one of the many paying and legal alternatives. Using a VPN and selecting a server in a region with lower subscription prices may often save you money.

Note that the material in the preceding article is just for educational purposes. We do not include attorneys, and this is not legal advice, so do not regard it as such. Every country has its own set of rules, which are continually changing. If you have any more queries about your country’s legislation and regulations, please consult a local expert.

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