Some of The Finest Proxy Sites for Anonymous Surfing

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When you’re on the internet, it can be useful to hide your IP address. While using the internet, we always tell you to use a VPN to change your IP address. But maybe you aren’t ready to make a long-term deal with a VPN provider.

A Proxy site helps you stay anonymous, protects your privacy, and even lets you watch content that isn’t available in your area. This is why you might like proxy sites.

Describe Proxy Sites?

Apparently, proxy sites operate like VPNs. Your traffic will be routed via their servers, altering your IP and making you anonymous. Free proxy services are useful for privacy and avoiding government restrictions.

However, free proxy sites retain records on who uses their service. So although the site you visit may not see your IP, the authorities and your ISP will. That’s why a VPN is the best method to stay anonymous online.

Several free or low-cost proxy sites exist with a lack of servers. This means you can’t access geographically restricted services. These services simply monitor proxy IPs and block access to them.

A Proxy’s Qualities To Consider

Privacy and security are the most important priority to think about when you choose a free proxy service. People who use free proxy sites are safer when they change their IPs. But the subject isn’t as simple as it looks, so we have to consider some facts that are given below.

  • Server variation: The greater the number of servers a free proxy has, the more probable it is to be able to assist you in unlocking prohibited material and remaining anonymous no matter where you are.
  • Security: Keep in mind that a proxy service will keep track of what you do when you use their service. It isn’t very safe. Governments and Internet service providers can still see where you are and how you got there. The problem is even worse in countries that have a lot of restrictions. Use a free proxy to get a new VPN if you think you might be punished because of the sites that you visit.
  • Additional features: If a proxy has extra features like a Chrome extension or a mobile app, it will be more comfortable to use.

Collection of The Leading Proxy Sites

All of the websites listed below may assist you in changing your IP address and gaining access to websites that you might not be able to access in other possible ways. Remember that free proxy services may record your location. When visiting the web, don’t depend entirely on proxy sites. If that is the case, you need a VPN. Consult our list of the top VPN services to learn about the finest possibilities. For a fast remedy, you can continue reading to learn about our top proxy sites. 

  •  ProxySite

A free proxy service called ProxySite is one of the best you can find on the web. A beautiful design and a sleek interface make it easy to start and use. It’s also very simple to start and visit any site with it. If you go to a site that doesn’t have an SSL certificate, ProxySite will encrypt your connection with SSL. This is very important for your safety. Having 36 servers, people are sure to find one that works for them. Not only that, but ProxySite isn’t very slow, and it’s free to use. If you like their service, you can always buy the premium version which is a fully-functioning VPN that has better security, but it costs more.

It also says that their service works with Facebook and YouTube, even though we couldn’t verify that it works with YouTube. This makes it a great choice for people who live in a country that has a lot of censorship. Also, there are a few servers in both the EU and US  and the service is free.

ProxySite is one of the best free proxy sites in the world, and it’s not hard to see why.

Cost: Free

Engagement: 14.03 million users/month

Servers: 36

Basic Features: Great all around


A lot of people use because it is more secure and private than other apps. People who use this service have very safe servers that use a lot of different encryption methods, like SSTP, IKEv2, OpenVPN, and SOCKS. They also don’t keep any records of what people do. Additionally, provides Chrome and Firefox extensions, which means that as a proxy, covers the essentials and helps keep your browser more private.

But there are also some downsides to it. The most important thing about its server variety. There are three servers for one in Finland, one in Germany, and one in the Netherlands. This means that you won’t be able to get content from the US, the UK, or any other country that isn’t on this list. There is also a freemium model like that of ProxySite for people who need more servers and better protection. You can pay a fee each month to make the service into a full-fledged VPN.

Cost: Free

Engagement: 2.23 million users/month

Servers: 3

Basic Features: Advanced encryption protocols, browser extensions

  • CroxyProxy

CroxyProxy a free version, is very easy to use. It also has other benefits that we’ve talked about before, like better security with permanent SSL encryption, even if the site you’re visiting has a certificate or not. This kind of system can be good for people who live in countries with restrictions.

But CroxyProxy doesn’t stop giving out free things. It works on Android and Chrome OS and you get a link to all the sites you visit. There are no rules that might make it hard to share something new or interesting you find with your friends, no matter what.

Cost: Free

Engagement: 6.02 million users/month

Servers: 1

Basic Features: Easy to share URLs

  • Privoxy

Privoxy is a not-for-profit organization, which means you can expect engineers that care about privacy and security.

It has better security measures, customizable settings, and the ability to run on multi-user networks. However, this has several disadvantages. Privoxy’s user interface seems to be outdated, and you must download their program to use it. Privoxy is not simple to use. Before you can configure anything, you’ll need to read the manual.

Not to add, Privoxy has its own ad blocker, making it an excellent solution for privacy-conscious consumers.

If you’re seeking a reliable free proxy and don’t mind a clumsy UI, Privoxy is the proxy for you.

Cost: Free

Engagement: 100.58 thousand users/month

Servers: 1

Basic Features: usage in multi-user networks, ad blocker

  • Whoer

People can’t use Whoer because it isn’t a full free proxy that anyone can use. Compared to the other Whoer’s free version is a lot less full-fledged.

You need to add it to your browser as an extension. There’s no way to get into Whoer right away. This means that you get one server in the Netherlands. So, that’s good if you just want to be able to see censored content in your country, but it’s not ideal for people who want to, for example, access a US server or content from a certain area. Your connection speed is limited to 1 MB/s, so you can’t go any faster than that.

Whoer’s best quality is that it’s easy to get. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Yandex all have add-ons that let you use them.

Cost: Free

Engagement: 3.73 million users/month

Servers: 1

Basic Features: Enough browser extensions

  • TurboHide

TurboHide is the next proxy in our list with a bad interface. It doesn’t have a logo of its own, and the links to popular services have very old graphics. Finally, they only have one server, so they can’t make a lot of changes.

If you want to hide the page or the URL of a site to visit with TurboHide, you can also do that. The extra safety never hurts. TurboHide is entirely free, which is why it made our list. It has a few unique features that we haven’t seen on any other free proxy service. You may disable cookies, scripts, and objects on the sites you visit. It enables users to view restricted information without the worry of their privacy or bandwidth allowance being compromised.

Cost: Free

Engagement: N/A

Servers: 1

Basic Features: Browsing customization options

  • 4EverProxy

If you’re looking for one of the best proxy sites available, 4EverProxy is a strong choice. 4EverProxy has a huge number of servers (11 to be exact) and is rather fast. It is one of the few proxies on our list that can access YouTube.

Users concerned about privacy and security will appreciate 4EverProxy’s customizable possibilities. You may encrypt URLs, disable cookies, and even scripts with this proxy. May do surfing by clicking on the Options button next to the proxy’s URL box. You may even modify your IP address while on the service, which is unusual for proxy sites in general.

Cost: Free

Engagement: 2.01 million users/month

Servers: 11

Basic Features: The ability to change your IP address while browsing

  • NewIPNow

NewIPNow’s business model differs from what we’ve seen thus far. It’s a premium service with no free version, and it’s divided into levels. You get a highly strong proxy site when you combine all of this with a slick design, no speed limits, and a myriad of servers to pick from (from all over the world).

Users may pay for as many servers as they wish, each of them costs a different amount of money each month. Ten private proxies, for example, cost $8.80 per month, whereas 25 private proxies cost $22 per month. The price tiers additionally include the location that can be changed, the bandwidth is limitless, and the setup is simple.

Cost: $8.80-$88/month

Engagement: 90.58 thousand users/month

Servers: 10-100

Basic Features: Configurable location, easy set-up

  • VPNBook

VPNBook is a no-cost virtual private network (VPN) and proxy service. With 256-bit SSL encryption, it’s an extremely secure IP changer. VPNBook is also quite quick, particularly when compared to other proxies. However, their server selection is limited; you may select a proxy from the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, or a random proxy. Unfortunately, VPNBook is unable to access YouTube. Apart from that, most sites that individuals would want to visit using a proxy are accessible. Reddit, Netflix, and social networking sites all have lightning-fast loading times.

Cost: Free

Engagement: 1.13 million users/month

Servers: 5

Basic Features: 256-bit SSL encryption, good speed

  • FilterBypass

FilterByPass serves a specific function. It’s a free proxy service that allows you to bypass regional limitations on films. It has immediate buttons for various prominent websites, like Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, DailyMotion, and others. There is also a Chrome and Firefox addon available.

It is difficult to stream geographically restricted content. Even if you acquire a fresh IP address through a proxy, it may not fix your problem in the long run. Streaming sites may flag free proxy IPs, which means you won’t be able to use them after a while. As a result, if you want to view material privately and anonymously, a VPN will always be more useful.

FilterByPass is also incredibly simple to use and cross-platform, allowing you to watch movies from anywhere on any device. Because it only has two servers in the UK and the US, you’ll be able to view most video material if you utilize FilterByPass. The vast majority of the limitations do not apply to such nations.

Cost: Free

Engagement: 512.06 thousand users/month

Servers: 2

Basic Features: Customization to a high degree

  • Hidester Proxy

Hidester Proxy is an easy service to use. You only have two server options (the United States or Europe), as well as a small number of security settings to select from, such as whether to strip objects, allow cookies, encrypt URLs, or delete scripts. Hidester isn’t a sophisticated proxy, unfortunately. For example, You can’t utilize YouTube with it. However, any other page you visit will load quickly.

It is a typical feature of proxies that also offer VPNs. The servers on which they rely are dependable. Hidester is a free proxy site that also promotes its own VPN service. However, it is somewhat costly, the free proxy is an excellent substitute if you appreciate their service but cannot buy their product.

Cost: $8.80-$88/month

Engagement: 1.24 million users/month

Servers: 2

Basic Features: High-speed service

  • Jailbreaked (The Grows Network)

Jailbreaked is a better option for those that require a proxy, Jailbreaked is viable, albeit specialized. It has a fast connection and ensures user privacy with a quicker IP address changer. Jailbreaked is also compatible with mobile devices, making it an excellent choice for being anonymous when surfing. They also feature a “Security News” section for those who want to keep up with the newest cybersecurity advances.

Jailbreaked is also a component of The Grows Network, which consists of a collection of previous proxy mirrors that now all point to the same proxy. China Grows is another example of a site from this network.

Unfortunately, Jailbreaked server selection is limited that why You can only utilize one server on the platform, and this server is in the Netherlands. That may not appear to be a problem until you realize that all of the websites you access will be in Dutch. It might be a problem for those who don’t speak it. They can, however, watch regionally restricted content such as movies, TV series, and forums.

Cost: Free

Engagement: N/A

Servers: 1

Basic Features: Included the Grows Network

  • KProxy

KProxy is free to use and offers a good number of servers, links to prominent websites, and an overall good UI.

It’s lower on our ranking, though, because it takes a long time to load the websites you visit, and we don’t know the server’s location. KProxy does not reveal where your traffic is routed. The developer makes a bold promise that the proxy will function with all websites. However, we were unable to test this since we did not know where each server originated. KProxy is one of the few proxies that allow you to watch YouTube videos.

Cost: Free

Engagement: 2.15 million users/month

Servers: 10

Basic Features: Access delicate sites

  • UnblockProxy

UnblockProxy is your average proxy site, having a default server in the United Kingdom. Google will detect your use of the proxy site, as it does with many others, and restrict your access to YouTube. You’ll just see a message that says “Update Your Browser.”

UnblockProxy’s UI is a little backdated, but that isn’t its major flaw. To switch to a new server, open a whole other URL using UnblockProxy’s header menu. The hitch is that these URLs lack an SSL certificate. We can’t certify their efficacy since they’re dangerous to browse. As a result, UnblockProxy is ranked lower on our ranking.

Cost: Free

Engagement: N/A

Servers: 3

Basic Features: Multiple servers

  • UnblockVideo

UnblockVideo is a powerful proxy site that allows users to access blocked video material. While it doesn’t support YouTube, it may still be used to stream video from Netflix, PlutoTV, and other unlicensed services. UnblockVideo has servers located in Amsterdam, Canada, and Singapore. It does not have a US server, despite having a greater server library than most of the other entries on this list. This is a disappointment for those who wish to see stuff that is only available in the United States.

UnblockVideo also has some concerns with usability. The text entered will be white if you wish to add a new URL when surfing on a white background. You won’t be able to see what you’re typing in essence. Furthermore, certain websites may fail to load correctly, causing on-page components to appear all over the place. This was the situation for us when we attempted to use the service to visit PlutoTV.

Cost: Free

Engagement: N/A

Servers: 6

Basic Features: Good streaming

  • None-IP

None-IP is a straightforward yet effective proxy service. It’s located in France, and it’ll allow you to access most websites, including YouTube. The service has one server, but don’t let that or the backdated design fool you into thinking it’s a poor-quality proxy.

The strength of None-IP is its security. You may activate some security features, such as encrypting pages, URLs, and deleting scripts. Even better, you can remove all cookies when you’ve finished surfing. Simply scroll up to the None-IP bar and choose “Delete cookies.” It will display a window to see all the cookies that None-IP has saved on your computer.

Cost: Free

Engagement: N/A

Servers: 1

Basic Features: Excellent cookie manipulation

  • DontFilterUs

DontFilterUs is a straightforward proxy service but the website design is not prominent much. Nonetheless, DontFilerUs is a good proxy site despite its cosmetic flaws. Although it cannot unlock YouTube, it is still beneficial for access to protected material of any other sort. Just make sure that DontFilterUs isn’t your first option. It lacks an SSL certificate and its servers might get overburdened at times.

Cost: Free

Engagement: N/A

Servers: 3

Basic Features: Browsing security alternatives accessible

Compared to VPN and proxy. Which is better?

Instead of using a proxy, we always advocate using a VPN. Here’s why:

  • It’s safer. VPNs do not store logs of your activity. Most of them also include extra security measures, such as a kill button that shuts off your connection if it becomes infected.
  • It has a user-friendly UI. Proxies may also be quite simple to utilize. However, many proxy sites have clumsier navigation and UX, whereas VPNs are quite easy.
  • It’s quicker. VPNs are reasonably quick, resulting in minimal speed loss, compared to proxy sites.
  • It has additional features. Most VPNs have capabilities to assist you in streaming online material, protecting your connection, and even enhancing your privacy. However, don’t expect to send confidential emails using a proxy. You may do so by using one of the best secure email providers.

These are the obvious distinctions between a free proxy and a VPN. Virtual private networks demand a paid subscription, but they are more powerful. They offer better encryption, more functionality, and the top VPNs don’t maintain any logs. Above all, you benefit from increased speeds.

Pick a VPN

A proxy server is typically not a complicated service. You may specify a URL address and your IP address will be changed instantaneously, allowing you to browse the internet anonymously. However, because free proxy services have a restricted server selection, they may not always be the safest option for browsing the web anonymously. VPNs provide more security and privacy. For better browsing, VPN is a better option.

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