Should you keep your VPN always ON?

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Whenever you active the internet. Cybercriminals are always there. They snatch your information for bad purposes. However, a VPN can make your internet activity secure. When you connect to a VPN. It hides your IP address and encrypts all your data through a funnel. Therefore, your online activity data becomes protected. Moreover, no one can trace your location.

VPN can give you access to a blockage or censored site. Therefore, you can watch content that is not available in your region. For this reason, VPN is becoming very popular day by day. Especially in regions like China and North Korea, where people face blockages continuously during their online surfing. In addition, a VPN secures your online experience. This could be the crucial fact behind the growing question: Should you always connect to a VPN?

The answer to this question vastly depends on you. The reason behind the use of a VPN can figure out the actual answer. From our research, we have come out with a few questions. Answering these questions will lead you to the relief of your confusion.

Is bypassing Geoblocking is the main reason for using a VPN?

You should keep active your VPN connection throughout the streaming of geo-restricted content. Disconnecting a VPN discloses your IP address. Therefore, the streaming site will identify your location. You will be blocked again from accessing the site.

On the other hand, you can watch the content on your screen before loading the page again. However, you have to load the content before you switch your VPN off. In this way, your ISP bandwidth runs the rest after disconnecting a VPN. Although, you can’t take this advantage on a streaming site implemented with an anti-VPN system like Netflix.

So, if you have to switch off the VPN because of bandwidth shortage. Thus, you should go for a VPN with high speeds and unlimited bandwidth such as ExpressVPN.

Is Online Privacy your Utmost concern?

If the answer is yes. Then, keep your VPN running during online activity. VPN covers all your online data by making a funnel. Through this funnel, your data is transmitted by an encrypting system. Thus, hackers or third parties can’t get any access to your online activity data. Since a postponed VPN connection can expose all your data to anyone, a cyber-security concerned user can’t stop a VPN connection at the time of online activity.

In addition, must go for a military-grade encryption system and an automatic kill-switch featured VPN service. As a result, a sudden drop in your internet connection won’t reveal your real IP address and online data. According to security measures, CyberGhost is a popular name in the market.

Do you suffer from slow Internet?

Unfortunately, you can experience a slow internet connection due to a VPN. Because, when you are using a VPN, other background things don’t run conventionally. Your data convert into code and go through a funnel. Moreover, your device connects to an alternative server. And, to make all these things happen, it often takes time.

However, a good VPN service can result oppositely. Sometimes, high-speed VPN provides servers that outweigh the speed of your ISP. For example, ExpressVPN can provide an average speed of 45Mbps.

Do you want to Save Money?

VPN can be a money-saving tool. And, you know how to take this advantage. Particularly, when you surf for a flight or hotel room bookings. Prices of these services differentiate vastly based on location. These websites track your IP address to know your whereabouts. This is how they set various price tags for different locations.

In addition, E-commerce websites also take the advantage of region-based price differences. So, a VPN can save your money if you want to buy a gift for your family and friends living in another country. Just, pick a server of that country and access that country’s E-commerce website for the best deals. Keep on your VPN, when you are going to buy something virtually.

Do you want to increase your ISP Bandwidth?

Premium VPN service offers a high-speed connection. Some servers come with a buffer-free online experience. Even VPN outweighs your ISP in the competition of speed. Some ISPs intentionally slow your connection to make you subscribe to an expensive package.  Therefore, you may prefer a remote server to increase your internet speed.

We suggest you choose a VPN service near you to get servers from your country’s locations. In addition, to get remote servers over 1000 in 60 countries go for IPVanish. Therefore, you can find servers close to you.

Do you want to be safe from Public WiFi?

Public WiFi is heaven for hackers and cybercriminals. Public WiFi is a great gateway to your data for a cybercriminal. Thus, to maintain your security, a VPN is necessary for maintaining your security during a public Wifi connection.

PrivateVPN can be very useful for securing your data from exposed, while you are using public WiFi. This VPN service has come with strong security features. PrivateVPN can detect public WiFi. Thus, you will get immediate security service.

Do you want to transact money?

Making a transaction is often a critical process. Because, if a financial transaction service like Paypal can determine that you are using a VPN. Afterward, the service can lock your account for security purposes. As a result, you have to apply to activate your account.

Furthermore, banks also maintain these kinds of security measures. Hence, it becomes very tough to use a VPN. however, there are some tricky ways to make transactions with a VPN. Hence you can protect your information during transfer.

Using a server near your location can ease the security protocols of banks or financial services. It seems like, a Canadian server can connect you to log in to your US PayPal account. In this case, you won’t have any problem with security protocols.

As you already know, using a VPN during a transaction is a hard task. You have to be conscious to choose a VPN. Go for a VPN service with WebRTC. This feature ensures no-leak of your regional data. Hence, PayPal can’t detect your IP address.


VPN is a great cybersecurity tool for everyone on the internet. It comes with many advantages. VPN can unblock any website for you by dodging any virtual geo-blockage. In addition, the most important beneficial purpose of a VPN is virtual security. Therefore, you may think to keep your VPN on all the time.  However, it is not necessary to always keep it on.

Switching off your VPN for a while can be beneficial for some reasons. It actually depends on your motives for using a VPN. If you are using a VPN for security purposes then you should keep it always on. VPN encrypts all your data and musks the IP address. So, if you switch it off. All the systems also become stopped and your data could fall at risk.

For the best deal, you should go for a VPN service with a money-back guarantee.

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