Google Head of Search Urges Caution Against Misleading Chatbots

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Google search chief warns against 'hallucinating' chatbots

Google’s Senior Vice President Prabhakar Raghavan Outlines Concerns Over Artificial Intelligence in Chatbots, as the Company Faces Competition with the Widely Used AI Model ChatGPT – Report by German Publication Welt am Sonntag.

Concern Over AI Chatbots

SVP Prabhakar Raghavan Issues Caution on AI Chatbots: “This Kind of Artificial Intelligence We’re Talking About Can Sometimes Lead to Hallucination,” Says Google SVP.

Minimizing Deceptive AI Chatbots a Priority, Warns Google SVP Prabhakar Raghavan. “Machines Can Give Convincing but Fabricated Responses,” Raghavan Stresses Need to Keep This to a Minimum – Report by German Publication.

Domination of ChatGPT

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has taken the lead in the AI competition with its exceptional performance in delivering human-like responses to user queries. This has been made possible due to a significant investment of USD 10 billion from Microsoft. As a result, ChatGPT has become a formidable player in the AI market, setting a high standard for its competitors to match.

Alphabet Continues User Testing on Bard App, with No Indication Yet on its Public Launch Date.

“Balancing Urgency and Responsibility: Google SVP Prabhakar Raghavan Stresses Importance of Avoiding Misleading the Public, “We Don’t Want to Mislead,” Says Raghavan.

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