Revolutionize Your Sales Demos: How Consensus is Taking the SaaS World by Storm with Personalized, Interactive Experiences!

Dave Harvard
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Utah-based tech entrepreneur Garin Hess identified a “demo bottleneck” while presenting his software-as-a-service (SaaS) startup to potential clients. Recognizing the need for self-directed, personalized interactive demos to streamline the process and engage overlooked stakeholders, he created Consensus. This innovative platform enables engineering teams to construct a library of reusable, on-demand demos for sales teams.

Consensus allows users to create demo videos and share them with prospects via email. Prospects can then choose what they want to learn about, and the platform generates a customized demo that can be shared within their organization. Consensus tracks engagement throughout the process, identifying new stakeholders based on their role and priority.

What sets Consensus apart from other video platforms is its personalized demo experience, tailored to specific questions asked upfront. Additionally, it offers data analytics to help sales teams align with their buying groups.

To further distinguish itself from competitors, Consensus recently introduced Tours, a feature that allows salespeople to showcase product features via video before handing it off to prospects for a self-guided, click-through exploration.

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