After internet outages, Cubans download more VPNs.

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Cubans Protest against the government

Cuba has seen a rise in people using VPNs and privacy software. This resulted from their government cutting off internet access to crack down on protesters.

Over 34,000 people downloaded the free VPN-like service Psiphon two weeks before the incident. This was reported by the independent media organization Inventario. About 89,000 Cubans installed the software on their device to get around restrictions.

On the early morning of July 15, protesters tried to shut down the internet nationwide. Cubans took to the streets, first in Pinar del Rio and then to the capital, Havana, to protest the lack of food, medicine, fuel, and electricity for the past few months.

Internet shutdowns are happening more and more around the world. Authoritarian governments use them to cut off communications, especially during protests or elections. This is why people have learned to use one of the best VPN services to lessen the effects, and access blocked sites like social media platforms.

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